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PV system
spherical silicon
road stud
Installation case
Installation case of PV system
Installation case of spherical silicon solar cell module
Installation case of LED
Installation case of road stud

New information and Event

announcement 2016.07.14 Self-luminous type road studs CVRS-A series has been registered in NETIS (New Technology Information System).
announcement 2016.05.27 We have renewed the solar power pack.
announcement 2016.04.01 Self-luminous type road studs has been certified to the "Kyoto eco-style product."
announcement 2015.08.28 We announced a lightweight module (new model 29W/58W).
announcement 2015.07.01 We began regular sales of LED.
announcement 2015.01.10 We began regular sales of spherical silicon.
announcement 2014.09.01 Headquarters moved to Kisshoin Minami-ku, Kyoto.
announcement 2012.04.25 We began sales of solar cell module of ISOFOTON.
announcement 2012.04.20 Spherical silicon solar cell module was certified TUV
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