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Contribution to society
through new technologies

Aiming to create a long-lasting recycling-oriented society that can coexist with the environment
[Solar Energy Systems/LED Lighting/Energy Creation/Energy-saving clean venture 21]

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Contributing to Society through New Technology.
clean venture 21 is a venture company in Kyoto that mainly provides the development and sale of solar cells under our slogan of "saving energy, generating energy." We are proactively working towards the development of new technologies, such as our success as the first mass producer of spherical silicon solar cells in the world. Within the solar cell industry, which is gained attention for its renewable energy, we are aiming to create a recycling-focused society that is kind to the environment and displays the proactivity, speed, and flexibility that is typical of venture development.
clean venture 21's 4 Business Fields
Solar power generation system design, construction, and sales business
Development and sales of original products such as road studs, sterilizers / deodorizers, and small power storage systems
Power generation business and maintenance / maintenance business using solar power generation system
New energy creation and environment-related business to replace solar power generation
One-of-a-kind technical power in which clean venture 21 finds its pride
Let us introduce the technical information, structure, and principles of our products.
Since our founding, we have worked towards the development of practical-use spherical silicon solar cells as a renewable energy source. In addition, we have succeeded in providing said solar sell for practical use for the first time in world history. This light, unbreakable, and bendable cell module can be used an variety of developments, and we proactively working on the development of applicable products.
We provide high quality products that can be flexibly applied to a diverse range of environments and needs.
From our provision of solar energy systems, we also provide the development and sale of various products under the goal of "energy saving/energy creation," such as solar energy-related products, LED lamp products, photocatalytic sanitizers and deodorizors, and electric power.
We are hiring a wide range of human resources with the goal of expanding our business.
We are looking for applicants who have an interest in solar energy systems, products that make use of solar cells, and the general business of our company's products.
Please feel free to contact us for business consultations and materials requests.
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Business hours: 9:00 〜 17:15 (excluding weekends and national holidays)
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