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Specifications and characteristics of the spherical solar cells

Single cell
Electrical characteristics
Part number SSC0515-075 SSC0515-079 SSC0515-083 SSC0515-087 SSC0515-091
Peak power(Pmax) 0.75W 0.79W 0.83W 0.87W 0.91W
Voltage at Pmax(Vpm) 0.45V 0.46V 0.47V 0.47V 0.48V
Current at Pmax(Ipm) 1.67A 1.73A 1.78A 1.85A 1.88A
Open circuit voltage(Voc) 0.57V 0.58V 0.58V 0.59V 0.59V
Short circuit current(Isc) 1.86A 1.91A 1.95A 2.02A 2.05A

※Test conditions :Cell temperature (25ºC)、Incident light energy density(AM1.5、1kW/m²)

Temperature coefficient
  • Current temperature coefficient α(Isc)     0.1%/℃
  • Voltage temperature coefficient β(Voc)   -0.4%/℃
  • Peak power temperature coefficient γ(Pmax)-0.5%/℃

※The temperature coefficient indicates whether to change what% output when the temperature 1 ℃ to changes in the solar cell.

(a)Width 154.9mm
(b)Length (substrate) 53.5mm
(c)Length (incl. electrode) 55.5mm
(d)Thickness 1.2mm
(e)Positive electrode (Al foil) 2×152.7×0.04mm
(f)Negative electrode (Al substrate) 2×154.9×0.15mm
(g)Power generating area 152.9×50.2mm
Interconnected cells

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