PV system・LED lighting・Clean Venture 21 corp.



Product features


■Although solar car kit is a lot in the world, so stylish car for the first time!

■the mechanism of solar cells, is a solar car kit can learn while having fun.

  • Equipped with our spherical silicon solar cells
  • Sporty car body the image of a F1 car
  • Lightweight design of the vehicle body weight only 50g
  • All four color variations

Manufacturer's suggested retail price \ 1,200 (tax)

Kit parts content

<Kit contents>
Solar panels, body (please specify the color), tire, stop tire,
Gear, motor, straw, bamboo Gushi, reinforcement seal, manual
※ Package from August 2014, and, specification has been changed part.


Color variations


Blue from the left, green, yellow, red

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