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Spherical silicon product lineup

12V battery charging lightweight module


Lightweight modules of standard portable as an independent power supply applications. It has been optimized charging of 12V lead-acid batteries.


Slim-type lightweight module


Slim is a lightweight module. So far can be installed to give up has been such a small place. Please feel free to contact us by the needs of our customers receive therefore also custom.


Handy type lightweight module


For 12V lead-acid battery, 6V lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion battery charging, standard cell, half-cut cell and 1/3-cut cell model are available for the 9 different kinds of lineup with different , output current, output voltage module dimensions.


Spherical Silicon


We will provide the spherical silicon of the high purity 9N (99.9999999%) and μm level uniform size for Solar cells, and MEMS, etc.. In addition, uniform spherical silicon with high purity and mm units at low cost 6N (99.9999%) is also available for the filtration material under the high-temperature environment and starting material for silicon ingot manufacturing.


Spherical silicon solar cell technical information

About Spherical Silicon Solar Cells with Micro Reflector Cups

Structures and Principles

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