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Message from the President




Graduated from Kochi University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science
and joined Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd
General Manager of R&D in the Solar Battery Division
Awarded PhD from Osaka University, School of Engineering Science.
Director of Research & Development Center for Photovoltaics
Resigned from Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Established Clean Venture 21 Corporation

In 20 st century, everyone would like to obtain the wealth by technology development and high economic growth, also believe to obtain the things reach a rich life. In contrast to this 21st century, in harmony with nature, kind to people, I think that is a century that aims to achieve a sustainable, recycling-oriented society in harmony with the environment. In order to realize a sustainable recycling-oriented society, the spread of renewable energy is essential. Since its founding, we are working on practical development of spherical silicon solar cells as a renewable energy source. And, the first time in the world we have succeeded in the practical application of the spherical silicon solar cell. We are, so far working on these new technologies have been at the base, we believe that Aim "energy creation, energy saving" for further growth in the four business areas on the theme. The four business areas as follows, The first one is the core business with a focus on spherical silicon solar cell of its own development, which has been working since its inception. Considered one of the most important business for the solar cell, its application product development is also actively involved, including, we will continue to grow in the business to support our company. The second is, in collaboration with Isofoton, Inc., a business partner of Europe, is the sale of solar cell system member and the same system. Japan's solar cell market by the introduction of the total volume of electricity sales system, we have explosive growth. Based on the system technology we've been cultivated so far, we will continue to expand the steady activity in this field in the future. Third, insurance of the power generation business and solar power generation system of in-house by the solar power generation, is a maintenance business. By promoting the power generation business in-house, to accurately grasp the problems of the power generation business, we will continue taking advantage of their know-how in the insurance and maintenance business of photovoltaic power generation. The fourth is a new business that was the main straight-tube type LED lamp. In the past a wide range of fluorescent lamps that have been used will not be able to production since 2020 by the Minamata ordinance. We are working on product development of large straight-tube type LED lamp of the energy-saving effect, we have commercialized a unique three models that meet the needs of the market. "Solar cells on the roof, LED lamp is under the roof," we aim to expand business in this area in the slogan. We are through the four business areas, in order to realize a sustainable recycling-oriented society, we intend to proceed with aggressive technology development in the future. So far you can from everyone the warm support and guidance of more so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Management Philosophy


Company Creed


Company Outline

Name Clean Venture 21 Corporation
Address ■ Headquarters
38 Ishihara Douno-ushirocho, Kisshoin, Minami Ward, Kyoto, 601-8355 JapanAccess Map
TEL:+81-75-692-3211 FAX:+81-75-671-2101

■ The Kyusyu Office
504-8 Kokura, Miyakigun Kiyamacho, Saga, 841-0201 JapanAccess Map
TEL:+81-942-85-9221 FAX:+81-942-85-9921

Established May 15th, 2001
Capital ¥98,000,000 (as of April 1st, 2013)
number of employees 44 people(H25.4.1 current)
Business fields Development, manufacture, and sale of spherical silicon solar cells
The total agency sales of Spain ISOFOTON panel
Design, sales and construction of PV system
Insurance and maintenance of the PV system
Sales and construction of LED straight tube lighting
Development, sales and construction of the self-luminous type road studs
Members of the board President & CEO Mikio Murozono
            Director Ichiro Tomioka
            Director Kotaro Tanaka
            Director Shoichi Nakano
            Auditor Kenji Yoshinaga
Banks The Bank of Kyoto, Ltd.
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
The Bank of Shiga, Ltd.

Organization chart

Company history

2001 May Established with initial capital of \13,000,000.
Jun Entered into a research partnership with Nissin Electric Co., Lt
Jul Won a research contract for an innovative PV technology project from NEDO
Oct Developed and installed the 1st molten Si dropping furnace at the University of Tokyo.
Dec Developed and installed the 1st experimental equipment for spherical silicon solar cells at IERIC.
2002 Jan Obtained a grant from the Sanwa High Tech Venture Development Foundation.
Mar Received a grant from the Fuji New Business Promotion Foundation.
Aug Obtained a grant from the New Technology Development Foundation.
2003 Jun Won a research contract for a Consortium R&D Project for Regional Revitalization from the Kansai Regional Bureau of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Sep Developed and installed the 2nd molten Si dropping furnace at the University of Tokyo.
2004 Feb Won the Encouragement Award, Japan Venture Award 2004.
Jul Won a research contract for the Promotion for Practical Industrial Technology from NEDO.
Aug Moved and reinstalled the 1st and 2nd molten Si dropping furnaces at BKC Incubator.
Oct Won a research contract for collaboration among industries, universities and local governments, offered by the Shiga Prefectural Government.
2005 Won the Grand Prix Award at the Bank of Kyoto Venture Support Fair.
2006 May Relocated corporate headquarters to Kamitoba-Daimotsu, Minami Ward, Kyoto.
Aug Won a research contract for accelerating the commercialization of a solar power generation system from NEDO.
2007 Mar Shipped spherical silicon solar cells with micro reflector cups for the first time. (5 cm x 15 cm).
Mar Won the Kansai Front Runner Grand Prix Award hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Oct Won a research contract for countermeasures against global warming from the Ministry of Environment.
2008 Aug Opened a new Kisshoin plant at Kisshoin, Minami Ward, Kyoto.
2009 Nov NEXCO West Japan, delivered a 120kW in the second Keihan for road
2010 Apr Won the global warming countermeasures technology development business from the Ministry of the Environment
2011 May Moved the Kisshoin factory in Kisshoin'ishiharadonoushiro cho
2014 Sep moved headquarters plant in Kisshoin'ishiharadonoushiro cho
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