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In the use of the site

This web site is governed by Clean Venture 21 (hereinafter referred to as the Company) Ltd.
On your note each of the following matters, please use it.

  1. Individual sentences to be posted on our web site, graphic, design, trademark, copyright and other rights to the logo mark or the like (hereinafter referred to as "such as the data of the web site", the Company or original work other right holders will have person. If you make a personal printing and storage, etc. for the purpose of using, except as permitted by the other copyright law, the Company or the original author of the data, and the like of the web site and other rights holders of the license without duplication, transmission, distribution, modification, the act of excision, etc. than will be a breach of the Copyright Act, in advance on your contact us, we ask that you obtain a license. However, such as if the following example, so you may want to refuse to use, please note.

    ・The case that portrait is included.
    ・The casa that the work of a third party, are included trademark, etc. of the case, the Company that contains the trademark and the like.
    ・The case that Company is determined to be inappropriate.
  2. Even if you want to use the data, and the like of the web site in accordance with the above, , please do not remove and changes copyright notice.
  3. We are the contents of such data in the web site relates to the link that has been done to our web site, nor does it any guarantee. Even as some sort of damage the event was caused by use of the data, and the like of the Company's web site, we will not assume any responsibility.
  4. The Company, relates to links to do from our web site, but does not guarantee such as the contents of the linked web site.
  5. Matters such as the data of the web site, structure, etc., may be changed or discontinued without notice.

Please note for a link to our web site

If you wish to link to our Web site, operating body of the link source of the site, such as the purpose and the link of the original page URL of the link, please contact us in advance from here to our company. It should be noted that the link of the site contrary to public order and morals, if the other company was deemed inappropriate, there is a case to request the deletion, even after you accept the link request.

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